Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rainy Day Instrumental

here's some music I recorded yesterday, inspired by the non-stop rain here in L.A.

Rainy Day Instrumental

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crane's will never die

When I moved to L.A. four years ago, my longtime friend and fellow musician Walker Young invited me down to play some tunes at his neighborhood bar, Crane's, on a Wednesday night. At the foot of Beachwood Canyon, It was a hole-in-the-wall, unfinished shell of a building, and because they didn't have a proper liquor license, they served only a few beers and a strange rice wine. There was no soap in the already graffiti'd up bathroom, and you had to stumble through the band's equipment to get to the outdoor patio to enjoy the smoke of your choice. The P.A. sucked, electrical outlets were difficult to find to plug your amp into, and there were no lights aimed at whoever was performing on the bar floor.

I've played a thousand shitty clubs over the years, and at first glance, Crane's was just another one...But when I started my set, people stopped their conversations. They put out their smokes and came inside, listened to my words, and watched my fingers go. The room cheered so loudly at the end of my songs, I felt like I was playing a sold-out Hollywood Bowl.

I was at home at Crane's. These people were my people. We all came to this crazy city to make music, or films, or art, and find like-minded artists...and Crane's was the place to meet. Walker introduced me to the owner Darren Crane, and Darren has heart. He had big plans for Crane's, and wanted a place for us musicians to feel at home. A place that stood apart from all of the other clubs in Hollywood by not giving a shit about what you were wearing, who you know, or what you drive. My small circle of friends instantly exploded into to an army of colorful, beautiful people, and we all cheered each other on, just as they did during my first performance there. The Wednesday night Beachwood Rockers' Society shows continued to grow, and the word was out...I've watched so many people over the last four years stunned after attending their first show at Crane's. Amazed that so much great music, cool people, and cheap beer actually existed right under their nose, and thrilled to be indoctrinated into the club. Great careers have been launched from that small stage, and countless life-long friendships were born there.

Over the last four years, Darren put a lot of work into his bar. He hired some of the great musicians who are equally talented carpenters to help him rearrange the bar and stage, and turn it into a better music venue. They cared about every piece of wood they nailed into the place because they knew it would only make our Wednesday nights there more epic...and it did.

But Crane's has experienced a lot of resistance from the neighborhood...now in the shadow of the brand new W hotel, where you can see and hear the exact opposite Hollywood experience happening on its rooftop, broadcasting its club beats, glitz and glamour, and mini skirts to the world. After a long battle, Darren made the difficult decision to close up shop in L.A., and open Crane's 2.0 in Costa Rica.

Tonight will be the last concert at Crane's. It will be full of amazing people and great music. I'll be playing late, when things are guaranteed to get crazy. Stop by to see the end of something legendary if you're in the neighborhood.

Costa Rica has no idea how awesome their Wednesday nights are about to be.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here is a link to listen to my new song 'Lemonade.' the song will be available for download on itunes in the next few weeks.
I've been having so much fun recording music lately....I always do, but lately it seems like all of my time spent learning the craft of the recording process is beginning to really pay off.

The song itself it about making something positive when life deals you a shitty hand.

hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

George Stanford 'Roll Away'

Ladies and Gents: I'm excited to finally share the brand spankin' new music video for my song 'Roll Away'. Thanks to all who helped make it possible!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

new 'Roll Away' review!

check out this great new review of my latest.....

Caught in the Carousel review

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love California

My friend Joey picked me up this morning and we headed North on the 101 to catch some waves. Left the filthy streets of Hollywood behind, and after almost an hour that flew by with laughter and the easy conversation that only a friend like Joey can provide, took the left on Kanan rd. towards the coast. Once you start cruising through one of those canyons between the highway and the beach, it hits you; California!

Those mountains...and the sky!! Smeared with every texture cloud. Where the blue shows itself behind tears in the clouds, it glows iradescant. We hoped she'd clear up, and sure enough, we get our first sight of the water and the sun blasts them out and makes room for a surprise perfect beach day. Got to the pch and kept heading North. Zuma didn't have much to offer...crumbly and blown out.

We met up with Joey's new friend Josh in the Trancas supermarket lot, and followed him to pick up his board at a ranch up in the hills. We get there and it's Daryl Hannah's place. Badass red El Camino, and a strangely familiar yellow firebird parked in the lot. When I played the Carson Daly show, she was the celebrity guest. Met her briefly today and mentioned that to her, but she didn't remember...real nice, though. Josh shows us around the simple wood structure he built with his friend on the property that is now their recording studio. Roosters crowed, and the green hills swallowed us. This is L.A.!? It's a different world from my little place in the nitty gritty. We took a walk through some of the natural beauty and hiked up to a little series of waterfalls before we jumped back in the car and headed down to the water.

First spot we get to, Leo Carillo is looking great. Waist to chest high, peeling, and 1 guy in the water. I've always wanted to surf there, but never wanted to battle the constant and notoriously surly crowd. It's a weird wave: the small take off spot is right next to a big rock. Once you navigate through the treacherous rocks, and if you can connect the sections, you can ride that thing for a very long time...I must've cruised more than 100 yards on a few of them. There really is no feeling like it.

Tired from paddling and beat up by the sun, we grabbed a burger and a 24 oz beer at Neptunes net and shot the shit for a while. Headed back South into traffic and the belly of beast that I call home to resume my hustle.

Sure would like a place in those hills one day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My new EP 'Roll Away' is available today!!

hey there friends-
i'm excited today to release my new 5-song EP, 'Roll Away.' I recorded most of this music in my small house in l.a., and it features some of the amazing musicians I play with from the East and West Coasts, including a really cool duet with my friend, Lissie. I feel like it's the next step for me as a songwriter, musician and producer.

Peoples' attention span is shorter than ever in our new digital world. It's difficult to get a few songs' worth of material across to someone. My primary goal is to get the music to people. With that in mind, I'm trying out the 'pay what you want' strategy...click on the album cover below to get it...you can get a digital download or order a cd....thanks!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Ghosts of New Years past

It was a great NYE last night.

Good friends all gathered in a house full of instruments and beer, with a panoramic view of Los Angeles. I was playing an appropriately drunken Auld Lang Syne on my friend John's 1950's mint green Gretsch guitar at midnight, watching 3 different fireworks displays explode miles apart across the city. That guitar has a power all it's own...I was bending notes around through the little fender reverb, channeling some of that classic Bigsby energy as Smitty played the drums and everyone butchered the lyrics together at the top of their lungs, swaying and hugging and kissing each other. It felt damn good. Could have been NYE 1959.

That strong vintage energy made me think about all of the musicians out there at all types of gigs and parties, this year and years past, playing that melody again to help ring in a new one for revelers. Made me think about my incredible insignificance in that unending thread of musicians, and I liked it.

The feeling reminded me to not hold myself back in 2010, and to take more chances with my music and my life in general. A few years from now, when someone else is playing that melody at a New Years eve party, channeling NYE 2010, we won't be around to sing along.

So live it up in '10!