Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas for Two

I wanted to write a Christmas song this year, and following the lead of greats like Irving Berlin, I figured that my Jewish heritage from Mom's side of the family, and the fact that I live in sunny L.A. gave me just the credentials I needed to write a good one... 2013 will be an important year for me, beginning with the birth of my first child in early March.  I'm currently experiencing all of the feelings I've heard that expecting fathers do, including overwhelming joy and anxiety, among many others. I decided to write about my impending fatherhood as the heart of this new song.  It's called 'Christmas for Two,' and it's about spending one last Christmas with Nikole as a family of two. Special thanks to Matty Alger for playing drums, Jacob Claret for the artwork and John Vanover for his contribution to the video.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Philly, Thanks for an Amazing night!!

I was blown away by the crowd of great people that packed both shows in Philly on the night after thanksgiving at the Tin Angel.  Thank you all so much for coming!   This was on of my favorite bands that I've ever put you all know, the talent runs deep in Philadelphia...the band featured the incredible Nate Skiles on guitar, Dave Streim on key, Brian Weaver on Bass, my bro Isaac on lap steel and with the addition of the incredible L.A.-based drummer Matty Alger, the fellas took my tunes to higher heights....
With your help, we also raised a few hundred bucks for recovery efforts in Mystic Island, NJ, which was devestated by Sandy.
Below are a some board recordings and a few pics from the night: