Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tracking Guitars

I love recording music, and i especially love recording i'm really stoked to be tracking guitars all day today. You should hear my guitar with the set-up we have going here (and you will!).  I'm utilizing the sound that I play with on stage, splitting my guitar signal to a clean amp and then an amp that i just send my effects/ambient sound. I learned this technique from Martin Sexton when I toured with him a few years ago...Martin is a master.  He was playing solo, and it sounded like he had a whole band behind him.  His setup gave him the ability to add dramatic dynamics and texture to his sound.  (obviously his incredible talent and skill did most of the heavy lifting).  I grilled him a bit about his setup and his basic signal path was exactly what I'd been searching for.  I've incorporated my own twists and favorite sounds into it, but learning his way unlocked a new world for me!  

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