Sunday, September 2, 2012

Playlist: Politricks

Just tuned into the DNC, and I'm waiting for Obama's speech.  The guy can give a good one...we'll see how he does tonight.  This whole dog and pony show got me thinking about some of my favorite politically charged  songs. Here are a few of them...chime in if you have a good one...

1. Political Science:  Randy Newman has always been a smartass. 2. Your Flag Decal Won't get you into Heaven Anymore:  John Prine nails it with this one.  So many people hide their fear behind what they call 'patriotism' 3. The Fightin' Side of Me:  Don't talk shit on America around Merle 4. This Land is Your Land:  This song is not as pedestrian as you may think, when you consider the context in which it was written.  Woody was the original Rage Against the Machine. 5. Fortunate Son:  John Fogerty highlights the inequities of our country's social classes.  So pertinent still today. 6. I can't write left-handed:  This is such a poignant song, written from the unique perspective of a wounded soldier. 7. Them Belly Full:  Bob Marley is one of my favorite songwriters for a reason.  Here's one for us 99 percenters.

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