Monday, May 20, 2013

I Won't Back Down...Stanfordizing a Petty classic

You know when you hear a great song and its power hits all at once?

I'm a big Tom Petty fan, and  I've always loved his song 'I Won't Back Down'.... I heard it on the radio while I was driving right before Rivie was born, and the simple message of the song really resonated with me deeply at that moment as I faced so many unknowns.

I started working out this arrangement on my acoustic guitar plugged into my little fender amp and would play it over and over on the guitar for River as he sat in his little chair watching my fingers go and making funny faces as the delay effect bounced around.  I fell further in love with the song each time I played it and tried to make it my own.   Download it if you like, and please pass it on!


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