Monday, August 13, 2012

Under the Covers: 'Going up the Country'

Not only was 'Under the Covers' the puntastic name of a horrible cover band I played trombone in when I was 16, it's also the name I've given these posts where I'll share some cover songs that I record!  Please leave suggestions if you think there are any tunes that I should take a stab at... Let's kick it off with a summertime classic, shall we?  (download it for free!) Canned Heat's 'Goin' up the country' brings back great memories for me...mainly because it was featured in one of the Eastern Exposure skate videos my  friends and I watched religously as teenagers.  Something about Fred Gall ripping up the streets of Philly to this song just made sense... that's matty apples on there playing some drums.   So let your freak flag fly, leave this big ol' city behind and head up to the country!  check out this footage of those goofballs playing it on a 60's tv show.  I find the hairy/stoned flute section hilarious.

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